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11 Chinese companies selected for the global construction machinery manufacturers 50

2014-09-19 22:50:26 Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co.,Ltd 阅读

June 19, 2013, the global construction machinery industry, Congress and 50 summit press conference held in Beijing.
It is reported that, "2013 Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference and 50 summit" will be held in Beijing Kerry Hotel China held 16-17 October 2013, in addition to "Global excavator Summit" will be held concurrently. By then, the relevant department heads from the Chinese government, the global leader in high-rise construction machinery, etc. will gather in the venue, with China on global economic trends, the mechanical engineering industry, market operation and other issues, in-depth discussion.
For the preparation and convening of the General Assembly, the president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Qi Jun, said: "In recent years, China's construction machinery industry and enterprise, the rapid increase in the global financial crisis, especially since, China has not only become the world's largest. market, have become the world's most important driver of industrial development pole in this context, the development of China's construction machinery industry has become a matter of global importance. while 16-17 October 2013, the global construction machinery industry Conference and 50 summit, held once again in Beijing, China will be the opportunity to show the world their own image and strength, but also in the global industrial development in China, take on more responsibility, to play more important role in the moment. "
During the "2013 Global Engineering Machinery Manufacturers Top 50" was released. In the latest session of the global construction machinery manufacturers 50 camp, the number of Chinese companies will still be 11. In addition, the U.S. ENTRY business for eight, Japan 11, Germany 5, Sweden 3, South Korea 2, Finland 2. Top 15 companies, three companies from China - XCMG, Zoomlion and Sany list, three were ranked No. 5, Article 6 and Article 10.
According to the latest global construction machinery manufacturers Top 50 and correlation analysis showed that: the world's leading manufacturer of construction machinery 50, 2012 total sales reached 199.765 billion U.S. dollars, although a new record high, but the growth rate was significantly than before slowdown. Between the various enterprises in which to grow, significant differentiation; Meanwhile, China's construction machinery industry position in the world but also to consolidate and upgrade.
In recent years, the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry. Since 2006, the industry average annual growth rate of over 20%; fluctuations in the global economy even the most turbulent period, China's construction machinery market is still robust forward. At the same time, China's construction machinery industry system constantly improve sound, technological breakthroughs and innovation capacity significantly enhance its international status and influence of the comprehensive breakthrough; takeoff and development of the entire industry, has become a worldwide topic. Since 2011, China has become one of the largest countries in the global production and sales of construction machinery products. Chinese construction machinery enterprises in product, technology, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and other brands aspects of overall competitiveness, but also continue to improve. Especially the leader in China's construction machinery industry, has been steadily conduct in the global industry first camp; world engineering machinery industry structure has changed since the participation of Chinese enterprises occurred. Since 2010, China's construction machinery overseas leader in increasing efforts to promote the use of global resources and the ability to control XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany, Liugong and other companies has been increasing. Through the acquisition, the integration of foreign enterprises, especially some of the top brands in the segments, the Chinese enterprises in the global markets, especially Europe and quickly built up a research and development, manufacturing, marketing platform, and improve their own business layout in the world, quickly cut into the industry the core area, enhancing the overall Chinese brand in the world influence. "In the domestic market, Chinese enterprises have completed the layout of the overall system. Future of Chinese enterprises, more development space and opportunities will come from overseas markets. Fully into the international market, increase the proportion of the contribution of overseas business, Chinese companies key to sustainable development, rapid growth. "in this regard, Sun Jianzhong, vice president of Xugong said.
Equipment in the manufacturing sector as a whole, called the highest degree of internationalization and innovation on behalf of the strongest sectors, China's construction machinery industry in product, technology, innovation and manufacturing sectors continue to make a major breakthrough. In an increasing number of segments, particularly in large, very large, intelligent products and technology, China has been close to even reach the world's most advanced level. "For any business, the fundamental and core technology and quality is the enterprise development. Currently, China's construction machinery industry's leading several companies, in terms of products, technology, etc., have been among the world's leading manufacturer of construction equipment camp in the future, as the world's leading manufacturers of cooperation and interaction, as well as Chinese enterprises to further deepen the industry understand the product, the Chinese enterprises in product, technology and other hard power, will achieve accelerated improvement. then, Chinese enterprises not only the size of the world's leading construction machinery enterprises, it will become a leader in technology trends, pioneer. "in this regard, Guo Xue-hong, vice president of Zoomlion says.
Since 2013, the global economic situation continues to undergo profound and complex changes, China's economy has entered an adjustment phase system. With a series of initiatives to promote economic boost, especially accelerating urbanization, as well as continuing to promote infrastructure construction, China's construction machinery industry will continue to walk in a long period, the stable operation of the track, a huge domestic market space, the future long-term prospects for the better; future for a long period of time, China will continue to be an important engine for world economic recovery and growth. Furthermore, as the global changes in particular to further promote China's economic adjustment, improve and upgrade the industrial ecosystem, market competition environment and rules, the growth pace of adjustment, China's construction machinery industry in the development and growth patterns and other aspects of quality, will achieve improve by leaps and bounds.
According to the Secretary-General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association Suzi Meng introduction: "At present, the global construction machinery industry downward trend has not changed, the market demand contraction, the industry more competitive, differentiation between enterprises also exacerbated among the world's leading enterprises and other enterprises. , the gap in terms of size, profitability, widened significantly. present, although China's construction machinery industry production and sales fell, but the decline has leveled off. after nearly 10 years of development, the core competitiveness of Chinese construction machinery industry, has achieved a substantial improvement, especially in the international competitiveness and achieve a sustained improvement. Chinese construction machinery enterprises export scale and growing the amount of products in the future, China's construction machinery market will maintain steady development trend. medium to long term , the country's economic development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, still tremendous growth potential for construction machinery demand, China's construction machinery industry will have good prospects for development. overall competitiveness of Chinese construction machinery industry, the leader in global business competition force, still sustained, rapid improvement. "
2013 global construction machinery manufacturers and sales of the top 10 rankings
(Unit: 100 million USD)
Rank Company Name Sales
A Caterpillar 404.92
2 Komatsu 193.99
3 Volvo Construction Equipment 97.62
4 Hitachi Construction Machinery 89.21
5 XCMG 85.22
6 Zoomlion 77.15
7 Liebherr 76.99
8 Terex 73.48
9 Sandvik 72.87
10 Sany 72.24

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