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Safety precautions when operating chiller

2014-09-19 22:50:35 Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co.,Ltd 阅读

Safety precautions when operating:

Please check whether the machine during 1 installation is damaged, choose the right place for chiller installation and future maintenance.

2 install chiller units venues must be floor, mounting pad or foundation, and its level of degree within 6.4mm, and can withstand the weight of chiller operation.

3 chillers should be placed within the room 4.4-43.3 ℃ ambient temperature, the sides and top of the unit should have sufficient space to carry out routine maintenance work chillers.

4 at one end of the chiller condenser tubes should stay out of the smoke pipe cleaning space, but also can be used doorway or other location suitable hole.

5 Select the appropriate diameter pipes, chillers maximum power and cooling systems running cold water systems, and properly connected.

6 For normal applications, the water flow rate through the condenser is allowed between 1.0-3.6m / s.

7 In any load conditions, the water flow should remain stable.

8 All chilled water and cooling water piping design and installation shall be the conventional method, chilled water pumps to be located on the inlet chiller to ensure positive pressure and flow within the unit. Piping should be set up to ensure proper damping pipe elasticity, but also to prevent the pump down when the evaporator water is drained.

9 pipeline should be independent of the firm support of chillers, avoid stress exerted on the component chillers. Set up to facilitate the pipe hanger pair.

10. In order to reduce noise and vibration isolator is best to install the pipe.

11 In order to cost-effective use chillers, water treatment experts recommend please evaporator and condenser water quality, and poor water quality will affect the heat transfer caused by fouling or corrosion precipitation, breeding organic matter, affect the performance of the unit, increased operating and maintenance costs. Bus Machine

Generally regular cleaning 12, the treatment and control of the right to maintain its good performance, if the existing water conditions can be improved by an appropriate method, then allowed to consider a larger bundle fouling factor or designated special materials of construction.

13 in the inlet pipe to install filters and cleaned regularly.

14. leak testing is completed, all rust treatment must be carried out to take over the port.

15. order to facilitate routine maintenance work, the user can use the following some (or all) measures:

a) pressure gauge with a cock and shut-off valve can be installed on the cooling water and chilled water inlet and outlet piping, as close to the chiller;

b) the top of the device can be set up to facilitate hanging rail and beam repair.

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